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I am a Pan-European film editor since 1997. Born in Denmark to French/Finnish parents, having lived in Amsterdam for most of my adult life and working in among others Norway, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands, I consider myself more a citizen of Europe than of one particular country. And I love it. One of my favourite things to do is to perfect ordering a coffee in any European language, I’ve got 10 down so far.

“Every film is essentially a puzzle from an editorial point of view” – a quote from editor Walter Murch – is something I can relate to; non-linear/multi-linear storytelling is one of the biggest thrills for me in my work. Is it possible to tell the core story even better or bring more dimensions to the storytelling by moving the puzzle pieces around in a different way? The search and experimentation are without a doubt some of the most fun aspects of my work. As a child, I wanted to become a psychologist, and in editing I can still apply my innate sense of empathy and curiosity of the human mind.

My natural curiosity has brought me to many places and projects. From commercials to traveling around the world with a TV series to Oscar nominated feature films, every project is different and keeps the mind sharp!


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